What payment options do we accept?

We use the 3D SECURE CARD PAYMENT (VISA ,MASTER,JCB )or PAYPAL. Our design studio is based in Taiwan. All the price will covert to TWD (Taiwan dollars) with the latest rate in checkout page.

For the latest conversion rate please check here

* Here is the current conversion rate on 30th MAY FYI 

TWD conversion


.How much is the shipping fee?

We provide the FREE international standard delivery for all orders. 


What is the difference between sterling silver and silver plated jewelry?

Sterling silver is often made up of 92.5% pure silver combined with a small percentage of copper. However, silver plated jewelry contains only a thin layer of real silver, with a base metal of nickel, copper, etc.

Over time, silver plated jewelry will begin to fade and tarnish away, exposing the base metal. Those who have sensitive skin may find a reaction occurs because of the presence of nickel. You may find most of the jewelry / accessory from high street brands are silver plated due to the cheaper cost.

In Reflection, all the silver pieces are all made of sterling silver, we wish it can bring you timeless elegance not just for seasonal fashion.

Mostly, our silver products are sterling silver with platinum plated which makes the products more durable and keeps the luster.


.Can I have gifting packaging?

It is FREE. We value your unboxing experience. All the orders come along with our exquisite seasonal packaging which is good for gifting or for personal sustainable usage.

packaging packaging 

If you have further questions or inquiries, please reach us via mail@reflection-uk.com :) we will get back to you asap