Jewelry Care

.How to care for my sterling silver jewelry?

In general, Sterling silver jewelry will not oxidize easily. However, it may turn dull due to oxidation over time. Bring the shine back to your pieces simply by gently polishing your pieces with the silver polishing cloth we attached in your parcel and storage them in the ziploc bag or the gift box/cloth pouch we provided when you are not wearing them.


You can follow these simple steps to help your sterling silver jewelry last longer:

  • Clean your jewelry when you notice it losing its lustre.
  • Take off your jewelry if you are going to sweat ex: going to the gym, having a bath, going to a hot spring.
  • Storage your jewelry in the ziploc bag/ cloth pouch when your are not wearing them to maintain their lustre.
  • It is ok to shower/ wash hand with your sterling silver jewelry but make sure you proper dry it after. We tend to advise you to remove your jewelry when you going shower if you may be lazy to wipe it with soft cloth after.
  • Allow perfume, lotions and creams to be absorbed into skin before putting on your jewelry.